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To refer to a girl who is smart and has a big booty, hence the "ssa" (backwards of this spells "ass") part of the ssa postulate.

A girl who is an SSA postulate is most likely worth hanging around with because she can help you in ways more than one.
Half-Nerd 1: Remember that girl last night from our study hangout?
Nerd 2: Ah, yeah, what about her?
Half-Nerd 1: She is such an SSA postulate!

Nerd 2: {tries to recall the definition of "SSA postulate" from urban dictionary} Well, I haven't looked her over yet.
Half-Nerd 1: You gotta, she is *so* worth it!
Nerd 2: Is it more how she looks or her smarts?
Half-Nerd 1: uh...
*To Be Continued*

by a memer from geometry class November 13, 2017
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