Semen Retention Syndrome: A male counterpart's mental state of edginess due to lack of sexual satisfaction and frequent ejaculation.
by Mo. Jordan May 20, 2005
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SRS- Semen Retention Syndrome, a man who has not had sex or mastubated in a long while that needs to jettison a payload. Symptoms include: swollen balls, unsolicited erections, erections from viewing anything with the slightest sexual content, finding grandma and/or nuns hot, etc.
I haven't gotten laid in weeks, I got a serious case of SRS.
I need to find a VCR so that I can rid of this SRS.
by Shwanz1964 August 17, 2012
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"SR" means "Squirrel Rapist". The word was made up by my friend. It's making fun of a VERY annoying fag named Josiah, he is very selfish and spoiled. And he is VERY annoying.
Don't tell SR, about the squirrel in the tree!
by The Newspaper Monster December 05, 2004
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Sugar Relationship. A relationship in which one person (usually a sugar baby) profits financially while the sugar daddy profits emotionally getting companionship from a younger woman
They have to be in an SR, he could be her dad.
by Iasfbimata September 30, 2018
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SR, short for Shazian Rebels or Shazie Regiment. A name for a team thats members consist of Anarchists located through out the world and are dense in population in the western parts of North America.they can be found online in games such as Fortnite, Ark, Minecraft, MC5, Or RoS.
That man is sexy, he looks like IAm2goodYT in SR
by IAm2goodYT May 15, 2018
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Me: "Bruh it was so wierd it was like 12 at night we were texting it was so loved up like boo cant wait to see you lets hook up like dont tell the fam then like all of a sudden something just like clicked and all my feelings were gone af like in a millisecond no joke i was so grossed out like who tf is this cnt i be talking to like shit what do i do cuz like i been leading him on and now i be like sorry bruh i dont even like you??"

Friend: "Sounds like you got SRS man that must be shitty aye"

Me: "Right, like i feel so crap and i know he feel so crap but i dont know what do do about it"

Friend: "G-down b its gonna be g just like pray bout it tbh my man Jesus can do it all."

Me: "Tru dat ill be prayin about SRS prayin i dont get turned off like that everytime you know."

Friend: "Ye, cool bruh."
by Wizzy Criddas May 05, 2018
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Sunset Ridge School is a school in Northfield, Illinois that has around 300 kids 4-8. Sunset Ridge feeds into New Trier High School. The families at the school are rich, and kids are spoiled. The school is filled with Cubs fans who don't know a thing about the Cubs, and preppy kids who only will wear Abercrombie and $200 designer jeans. You'll find some really nice kids though. The school preaches diversity, yet is 95+ percent white. Girls go on fields trips like "female integretion into traditional male roles day". Students get taught white people are at fault for all of society's problems. There was a locker search because there was a recent laptop theft at the school. Your conversations during recess are listneded to by teachers listening out of their classrooms. Teachers spend all four years at teaching school learning how to look for chewing gum. The best thing about SRS is that the music teacher who won the Golden Apple Award for the best Music teacher in Illinois. The two best teachers at the school are the music teacher and the 8th grade social studies teacher. SRS can be great overall in some ways.
Sunset Ridge School Kid: OMG I just get a new ringtone for my iPhone
Marie Murphy kid: How old are you?
SRS Kid: 5th grade!
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