1. n. When something is repelling you it is called Repulsion

2. n. A really pro World of Warcraft player on the realm "Skullcrusher"
1. Whoa there is some real Repulsion between you two

2. Wow Repulsion is really pro, I want to be just like him
by Jwebbed December 28, 2010
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Something or someone that is gross and provokes disgust; disgusting
by Rayisemprus March 13, 2018
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The ultamite combination of repulsed and pulsating, formed to create a word of utter disgust and movement. use with caution.
Oh you are a sick, twisted, repulsating being!
by Tianara December 11, 2010
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Someone who makes you feel sick or groggy
Here by the way , spy her cheddar muff , its pure repulsive.
by Tony-8 August 1, 2008
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Sickening, completely vile
Samuel Forsyth is 100% repulsive! He makes me want to vomit.
by Homohater242 November 29, 2014
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Can mean ugly, offensive, unpleasant or abhorrent
Generally - not nice!!!
Fiona: Aw man, my Mum is coming over later, shit!
Friend: Why whats up with that?
Fiona: I freakin hate her she's so repulsive!!!
by Doowopbop May 2, 2011
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