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The appearance of a male's scrotum when he squeezes his testicles so that the skin is taught.
"Hey, lets get a picture of your squirrel brains on Blake's passed-out face"
by Rubbaneck November 16, 2004
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when you push all your foreskin in a in a bunch and it looks like a squirrel brain, looks very nasty.
during a drunken night, I whipped my squirrel brain out and showed my friends
by revilo nworb July 14, 2013
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When you are so dumb the only logical explanation is the fact that your brain is the size of a squirrel.
"Connor just asked where Cancun was located...he is such a squirrel brain"
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by FuckgirlMads May 03, 2018
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I told a girl I had AIDS after I fucked her, so she kicked me in the squirrell brains!
by Skott December 12, 2004
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