A pink octopus with colorful tentacles with beady eyes who was won at Claw Machine game by the band Of Mice & Men. Squidgy is now lost but we're hoping he will be running for president and not in the hands of Zooey Deschanel. Long Live Squidgy.
Squidgy Squidgy Squidgy, la la la la la. Squidgy we love you so.
by ShayBotBot October 15, 2011
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soft and squishy (often a bit chubby, too.)
aww...look at the squidgy little puppy!
by Meredith February 12, 2004
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squidgy, squidgy black
soft, oily cannabis resin
got any green?
Nope, but I I've got some squidgy?
by deadwood August 1, 2003
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Something that is either fat, slimy, squishy or otherwise generally disgusting.
After sex, you tend to feel a little squidgy.
by Iatro January 25, 2004
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After you take a shit and not wipe very well. Then, when you sweat it goes down your butt crack and they mix together. Thus, forming a mixture of slipperness in your butt cheeks.
After getting done in the gym I noticed I had some squidgy going on.
by Ontilt March 24, 2006
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squidgy is the action of performing aggressive anal with a boy or girl. While this is occurring multiple fluids come into play. These fluids include, saliva, blood, semen, urine, and often tears.
Sam: Hey Ivy would you like to have squidgy with me.

Ivy: yes I would love to have squidgy with you.
by The Chewy G0d October 22, 2019
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James Gilbey's pet name for Diana, Princess of Wales.
In a surrepticiously recorded phone conversation between the pair on New Year's Eve of 1989, Gilbey called Di "Darling" 53 times and "Squidgy" 14.
by Figleaf23 August 20, 2007
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