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Of Mice & Men is the amazing band that made Attack! Attack! obsolete. they currently have two cds, Of Mice & Men, and The Flood.
hey have you heard the new attack attack cd?
no, because no one gives a fuck about them. its all about Of Mice & Men!
by frank.jpg July 18, 2011
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A post-hardcore band from California.
Comprised of Jaxin Hall on the bass, Phil Manansala and Shayley Bourget on the guitars, Valentino Arteaga on the drums and former Attack Attack! vocalist Austin Carlile doing lead vocals.

Their name "Of Mice & Men" was gotten from the John Steinbeck novel of the same name.

Of Mice & Men currently has one album, however they currently have a huge cult following due to Austin's popularity from his previous band Attack Attack!
"Have you heard Of Mice & Men? They kick so much ass."
by ZombieYezzie March 20, 2010
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