4 definitions by Squidonesian

1. Feeling of extreme disgust towards the outcome of the election; detestation; loathing.

2. A cause of evil; chaos.
The Obamanation caused the Republicans to riot in disgust.
by Squidonesian November 7, 2008
A lanky person with abnormally long limbs and a wiry frame; an awkwardly tall and thin person.
"Check out that guy over there waving his tentacles around."

"Yeah, he's definitely squiddy."
by Squidonesian December 22, 2008
To let dogs engage in fighting behavior before a dog fight while they are on still on leashes.
Look at those idiots bumpin' dogs. We should stop them before the actual fight happens.
by Squidonesian August 26, 2008
A woman with breasts of ginormous (gigantic and enormous) proportions who uses them to hypnotize males to get what she wants.
"Did you see the ginormous boob skank on TMZ last night? She was trying to get Michael Phelp's attention with her skanky boobs."
by Squidonesian December 17, 2008