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1. At one time a welcome guest who has overstayed his/her welcome.

2. One who hovers over as if to guard. Sometimes a sexual partner from what you intended as a one night stand, or that you dumped and won't take a hint, can become a squater and soon become a cockblocker.
Dude, you said your cousin was just gonna be here for a couple of days. He's become a squater and has been here two weeks now.

I thought I would just fuck her once, but now she keeps squating on me at the club and is becoming a real cockblock.
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
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one a' dem guyz dat dont gotta houz so dey try go inda bushes an' dey try like make one houz outta cardbor' and shit like ova' at ma'a'laia docks. den dee guy dat ons da propahtee try make 'em go way.

PROPER MAINLANDER ENGLISH VERSION: A homeless individual who obtains the need for destandardized housing so he trespasses onto another individuals property and attepts to live there undetected.
Ho shit dat one bruddah owns dah pineapple fields finda bucha squattahs (squaters) in hees place!
by who the fuck knows? January 26, 2006
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Noun. A beat up car in the illadel usally a buick, osmobile or a cutty. A lil something to roll in while your on the come up
I'm gonna cop a squater; so I can stack my dough, car notes are for suckas.
by Ken215 June 25, 2006
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A house next to a high way that is made of cardboards and tires, where you can feel the breeze when cars pass by
philippinesA country with lots of squaters your one of the two rich or poor
by Tin June 11, 2004
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Similar to the "fives" rule on seats. However, with fives, you can only save your seat for five minutes. Calling squaters means that you can save your seat unless you sit down somewhere else. The moment your ass touches another seat, squaters is ended, and the first seat becomes available.
Bob: "shit my phone is ringing, but i dont want to lose my seat..."
gets up to answer phone, and someone steals his seat
Jack:"He should have called squaters"
by The Jewman November 01, 2007
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