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one a' dem guyz dat dont gotta houz so dey try go inda bushes an' dey try like make one houz outta cardbor' and shit like ova' at ma'a'laia docks. den dee guy dat ons da propahtee try make 'em go way.

PROPER MAINLANDER ENGLISH VERSION: A homeless individual who obtains the need for destandardized housing so he trespasses onto another individuals property and attepts to live there undetected.
Ho shit dat one bruddah owns dah pineapple fields finda bucha squattahs (squaters) in hees place!
by who the fuck knows? January 26, 2006
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any dog owned by a local on islands of hawaii. in most cases a poi dog is a black or brown pittbull. it will eat anything with rice or mayonaise on it.

filipinos in hawaii dont usually have poi dogs, unless they are vegetarian. hahahaahahahaa. k im sorry. bad joke. whatever i have tons of filipino friends and they are all here with me.

dont kick my ass.
Ratz: "Hey brah! how'd u get the kama'aina discount? dont they see u stay haole?"

Gabe: "no worries, braddah, i brought my poi dog. dey no only locals got poi dogs."
by who the fuck knows? January 26, 2006
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pidgin for cheap, rubber thong sandals (rubber slippers). every hawaiian local knows 101 ways to fix their broken slippah: 50 with tape, 50 with glue, and 50 with a stick to poke the strap back in the hole. every hawaiian local owns 2 or more pairs. at least one of them is "dah bus' up kine" and the others are "dah ok kine"

rubbah slippahs were brought to hawaii as a cheap way for the japanese and filipino plantation workers to have shoes.
1) Ey braddah, my rubbah slippahs wen' go bus' up. han' me dat steeke.

2)Brah! don' tell me u try wear dah bus' up kine slippah to jur cuz's wedding! put on dah good kine fo' dat brah!
by who the fuck knows? January 26, 2006
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the hawaiian word for really strong weed. it is a compound of lolo, meaning crazy, and paki, coming from the word paka'ono (which means weed).
Pronounced "pah-kee-low-low". See lolo, and paka'ono
shoots, brah! dees ees really foking good sheet u got! dees u got stay paki'lolo righ heah brah!!!
by who the fuck knows? February 8, 2006
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hawaiian word for weed. (if ur in hawaii and u need a connection this is the word to use most times, not that im telling u to smoke weed or nuthin).
Example 1:
HaBoi: "eh braddah! u got dat paka'ono i pay fo'?"
Jimmy: "yea righ heah brah! is good yeah!"

Example 2:
Tourist: "um...do you um...have any..."paka'ono"?"
Jimmy: "wah dah fok? were u from brah?!!! Idaho?...whatevah...fo'tee bucks, brah."
by who the fuck knows? March 15, 2006
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(sometimes spelled "mokes") large hawaiian guyz with bigass muscles and tattoos. they hate tourists and own at least forty t shirts that say "hawai'i no'ko'oi" (hawaii is the best). haoles cannot be moks, no matter wat u heard. i am haole and even tho i live in maui, smoke lotsa weed, hate tourists, speak some pidgin, surf a lot, eat spam with every meal, own 7 pairs of rubbah slippahs, have a separate circuit braker for my rice cooker, and drive a pickup (these are all traits of mokes) i am not a moke.
O shit braddah! u wen dented dat one moks truck! he gonna kick u ass alova da place now! u don foked UP brah!
by who the fuck knows? January 26, 2006
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hawaiian for "local". in hawaii you can get discounts for being "kama'aina". it is pronounced "kah-mah-aye-nah" and if your haole and they dont believe that u are local, u should bring a dog along (only locals have dogs). see poi dog.
Manu: "Ey! why u go try chahg me full price! i stay kama'aina! i like one discount!"

Russle: "O brah! sorry. we no giveene kama'aina discount."
by who the fuck knows? January 26, 2006
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