Another name for a skinhead who follows the traditional styles and attitudes (i.e. not nazis). Adapted from a crew name originally in Glasgow called the Spy Kids.
"There goes a fuckin' spykid. Oh, shit! He heard me! Run!"
by eyeDfy May 6, 2008
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Noun {spahy-kidz-too}
The most heavenly creation known to man. It is worshiped and revered as a divine creation of an all-powerful deity in many cultures, such as the Ancient Mesopotamians, the Huli tribe of Papa New Guinea, and the Gaúcha of Argentina. Its creation is a mystery, but it is thought to be the key to salvation in every major religion.
John - "Hey man, you want to go watch SpyKids 2?"
Steven - "Yeah, I haven't seen it in at least 20 minutes. It's probably about time to watch it again."
John - "I just love worshipping our divine creator"
by Thumbclops January 29, 2019
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When someone already wearing 2 types of glasses to help their bad eyes pulls out a magnifying glass to look at something. Like the character Juni in Spykids
Man my uncle was r looking at his computer so he put on his computer glasses over his regular glasses so he could read the words already at 200% on 4K 27” monitor. That was some Spykids dot gif kinda shit I swear
by December 22, 2022
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