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Meaning Super - Power - Owned
Guy One - BURN!
Guy Two - Yea, I Spwned that kid

--Guy One-You totally Ganked that from the store

--Guy two-No Man,I spwned it :)
by Mel & Mish.. Melchelle July 28, 2005
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also spwn3d

spoon + owned = spwned
meaning "owned with a spoon"
"sucka, u just got spwn3d!"
"screw knifing, i will SPWN J00!"
by Mongoose December 28, 2004
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The ultimate form of "pwned" (meaning "Perfect-Owned or Pistol-Owned). Again, this is used mainly in Counter Strike to describe a kill of the highest kind... anyone can "pwn" by getting a head shot, or a pistol kill... but "spwned", meaning "Super-Perfect-Owned" is when someone has their ass kicked to the highest degree, eg. a knife head shot (although these aren't as great the second time), a grenade head shot, or when one dude on 15 health takes out a troop of six with his half-empty P90. Any other similar god-like actions could also be followed by a team mate uttering "spwned" (and possibly a generous ammount of cheering from the rest of the LAN, the level of which is directly proportional to how great the given action was).
Woa, IdleEyes just spwned two CT's with a 'nade, and got TWO FUCKING HEAD SHOTS!!
by Phoenix_NZ March 08, 2004
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