Gun used in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) for Rushing B. A favorite among noobs (aka Silvers) and Russians (aka Ruskis). Also known affectionately as the ELO-90, it stops being useful around DMG.
ActuallySkilledPlayer: eco round

RussianNoob69: NONO BUY P90 RUSH B CYKA
by dhilln July 22, 2019
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The FN P90: A submachine gun developed in Belgium. When found that standard issuede handguns and SMGs issued to tank crews were unable to go through armored targets, the P90 was developed. The P90 fires 5.7x28mm round, which is basically a scaled down version of the 5.56x45mm round standardized by NATO. The P90 is capable of going through most starndard forms of body armour at considerable ranges. It's allows for ambidextrous firing. Though the P90's bullet design allows for more range and penetration than that of other more standard SMGs (MP5, MAC 11, Uzi, etc.), its smaller caliber gives it less stoping power than even the NATO standard 9mm Luger round, because of this the P90 is less than ideal against unarmored targets. The P90 is in a way the epitome of the PDW, with its only real competition being the HK MP-7.
Play Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield to have an accurate portrayal of the follies of the P90.
by The Omnipresence January 04, 2004
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The P90 (Project 90) is a SMG, part of the PDW (Personel Defense Weapon). It uses 5.7x28mm round, which looks like a scaled down 5.56 NATO round. There are a lot of discusions about the efficiency of this ammo, because of it's size. But still it can pierce through any type of military vest, at the range of 100-200m. It's ergonomic and can be used by both left and right hand. It uses a bullpup layout, so it's compact, and it's quite light - about 2,2kg. The results show it's quite acurate too.
The P90 has an interesting design, and ejects the spent cases in the back of the weapon. It uses quite an interesting and big magazine, which in the end aligns the round with the reciever.
The P90 is issued for tank personel, artillrey personel, etc., and is used with the Five seveN handgun, wich uses the same kind of ammo
by Ivancho July 12, 2005
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Manufactured by Fabrique Nationale, one of the top leading arms companies of Europe, the P90 is FN's answer to NATO's request for a compact Personal Defense Weapon system that will defeat armored targets, which in the modern battlefield is becoming more proliferous. A bullpup design, the P90 boasts complete ambidexterity, with ambidexterous fire selector, magazine release, and downward casing ejection. Most unique about the weapon is its 50-round magazine, mounted vertically parallel to the barrel, the cartridges are actually rotated 90 degrees in the magazine before entering the chamber. This round, the 5.7 x 28 mm (a necked-down 5.56 x 45mm), is being touted as the answer to kevlar-wearing opponents, being able to pierce 48 layers of CRISAT from a range of 200 m. With a dual-composition steel/aluminum core, the 5.7 will tumble upon penetration of soft tissue, leaving deep cavities up to 2-3 inches. Despite this, the relatively low muzzle energy and mass of the 5.7 round sometimes prove unreliable in terms stopping power against unarmored targets, unlike the venerable .45 ACP, or even the 9 mm Parabellum.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
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Fabrique Nationale P90, Sub Machine Gun. A High effective Sub Machine gun that originated in BELGIUM! Capable of a 50 round double stacked magazine, it fires the 5.7x28mm Sub Sonic Armour Piercing SS190 round at an effective 950 rounds per minute, with it's bullpup design it is highly maneuverable. It is used in many games with altered names, but the game that abused it most was Goldeneye, where it was named the RC-P90 and held an 80 round clip as well as firing the same round as several other guns!
by Kalashnikov June 01, 2003
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One of the most versatile and effective submachine guns in the world, it outranks the MP5 in virtually every category, such as range, mag capacity, armour-piercing ballistics, and incapacitation power.

However, the ridiculous bullshit game CounterStrike put a stop to THAT.
Man, those CS fags think the P90 is shit? We'll see how they enjoy SS190 5.7mm supersonic FMJ rounds up in they head...
by Zenhachirou May 01, 2003
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Jack shot a jaffa with a p-90 and blew his head off.
by WUZZ UP January 08, 2005
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