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Spuggie means sparrow in the Geordie dialect, spoken in the Tyneside region of North East England. (Particularly Newcastle)

Used in slang terms to refer to a child (usually a girl) or a child who is small for their age.

"there were lot's o spuggies on the bird table this morning"

"That little spuggie doesn't look old enough to be in 4th year"

"Come on it didn't hurt that much ya spuggie"
by oop_north March 15, 2009
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a spuggie is someone who winges a lot during online gameplay. they are traditionally from the northeast of england and have the geordie accent. they are always ginger
people called colin say things like ''spuggie noooo!''
by banjostring November 04, 2004
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A slang term in Cumbrian dialect for a House Sparrow, a small brown bird often seen in close proximity to Man ,locally common though becoming rare nationally.
' Have a deek (look) in yonder hedge and you'll see a laal Spuggie sitting on a nest.
by Cozmic Kev November 07, 2016
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