1. the wanting the present to become summer
2. slacking off in school because the year is almost over
3. the wanting to be outside every day rather than inside
I have spring fever!!!
by Jill April 4, 2003
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Were it not for batteries and antihistimines, my spring fever would be unbearable.
by Jennifer Callan May 8, 2005
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Also a subtle, non-offensive way of suggesting that someone is horny. See also: beaver fever.
Jeez Bob, quit staring at those girls. You must have a pretty bad case of spring fever.
by Gregg July 13, 2003
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The act of being obsessed with the musical, Spring Awakening.
Symptoms include: Being able to recite every line, knowing every cast member's name and autograph, and being hopelessly in love with Jonathon Groff
Passerby: oh, i see you have Spring Fever!
by Susie Coller May 27, 2008
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The feeling of unrest that students get the Friday before a major break.
There was an exam today, but I couldn't focus due to spring break fever.
by ChameleonDragon March 6, 2020
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