A "spreewell" is a generic term for any rim that has a part that keeps spinning when the tires stop. However, TRUE "spreewells" come a the shop that Latrell Spreewell owns, and they run about $10,000. The "spreewells" that come from a kit are not real "spreewells."
Any regular "Joe" on the street does not have genuine "Spreewells"; they simply have a "spinner kit." So in all honesty I can't begin to give you an example, because NOBODY out here has them.
by Cranberry August 1, 2003
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very expensive/beautiful wheels that have an extra disc mounted on bearings around the rim that give the appearence of the tires spinning faster (when moving) and the tires still moving (when stopped)
check out that escalade with those spreewells!
by random hero February 20, 2003
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Rims that keep spinning when your car stops.
Nelly has spreewells on his Escalade in his new video.
by Garrett Carter January 13, 2003
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Rims that are 20 to 24 inches in diameter, which continue to spin even after coming to a complte stop, and occasionally stay still when moving. May cause unwanted attention from women where ever they are seen.
When yo rims keep spinnin even after u stop, then it's fo sho, ur ho's gonna bop!!!!!!!!
by pimp playa June 22, 2003
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1. Latrell Spreewell's family

2. A type of rim that wanksters and wiggers keep going on and on about.
1. The Spreewell's went to the Staples Center to watch Latrell's Timberwolves lose to the Lakers.

2. The-rich-white-kid-who-wanted-to-live-in-the-ghetto-so-he-could-seem-black jacked off to the thought about getting spreewells on his "ghetto" Escalade to show the African American people at his school that he was a "nigga" too.
by White Sox Rule June 19, 2004
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spreewwells is rims that spin like the earth 24hours a day my nigga
the rims i made your sister buy we i finish with her last night
by jefrey hall August 23, 2003
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spinners or none stoppers
when I slam my brake in traffic my spreewells keep on spinning
by Brandon Morgan June 6, 2003
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