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A free spirited person or thing.
His life was so spree, and he could do anything he wanted, with no limits or boundaries.
by Ian Suri July 01, 2005
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Referring to the heavy unfashionable winter jacket and patterned mittens Sanders wore to the inauguration of Joe Biden.
Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
by Talk2me-JCH January 24, 2021
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when you add five or more definitions on urban dictionary in one hour
friend1: what did you do last night?
friend2: i had a spree
by twitterfan123456789 March 20, 2012
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a word to describe how happy you are and allie made it up
im am so fucking spree
by ggggggggjackson October 04, 2010
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Mad good melt-in-yo' mouth candy by nestle corperation
Me: "Hey, want some Spree?"
Friend: "Yay-yuh!!"
(Me gives Friend a Spree)
Friend: *CRUNCH!*
Me: "Dude! Don't bite it! You spose to let it melt in yur mouf!"
Friend: "Shut up, Me!!"
by Mbleh October 03, 2007
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An ecstacy pill. Also known as X, E, Beans, Rolls, Groceries, MDMA, and more.
"I got a bag of them sprees and you know i'm spendin like whoa" -D4L "Betcha can't do it like me"
by Liz wha whaa? July 10, 2006
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Another word for rape, most commonly used when raping a lot of people
Bilal went on a spree in his town yesterday, and hurt many poor girls.
by QFA380 June 07, 2011
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