1. Within the fandom community, "to spork" something means to parody or make fun of something, especially fanfiction.

2. A meaningless exclamation thrown haphazardly into sentences by your standard "random, hyper" fangirl who claims to be on a "sugar high."
"We sporked her story because she wrote a Mary-Sue."

"Spork!!! I'm being random today!"
by ChaosRocket October 06, 2007
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The spermy cork that forms atop the penis shaft shortly after ejaculation. The next time one urinates the Spork flys like a champagne cork usually leading to some misguided urine.
I blew my spork and pissed all over the toilet seat!
by darealjz June 01, 2010
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1. In the fooly cooly series, it means Cleavage. Feel free to yell it out whenever you see huge tits.

2. A spoon and a fork combined to make the ultimate TV dinner experience!
1. *Stacked girl walks by* "SPORK!"

2. Thank god for this spork. Now I don't have to reach my fat ass across the room!
by flclimax1 March 02, 2008
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1. A crossbreed between the fork and the spoon invented in the 1940's to handle a crisis in Japan.
2.Alternate uses:weapons for countries who can't afford guns, Sporkinator (action figure), and hang from rear view mirrors
In modern society, it is important to ensure that you do not offend anyone with your spork. So please, only use sporks when the meal calls for them. Serving sporks with no suitable alternative is not acceptable when soups or sauces are a dominant portion of the meal in question.

As far as placesetting with your spork, simply substitute the dinner fork with the spork, leaving the knife and the salad fork present (eat lettuce with a spork? never!). You may wish to leave the spoon present in case their are "spork-ignorant" guests.

When using a spork to eat mashed potatoes out of a styrofoam container, it is common courtesy to leave a little "spork waste" at the bottom rather than scrape the styrofoam with the spork to get every last morsel. If you must have every little bit of potato, please use your finger.
by kevin February 21, 2004
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A spoon and a fork. Makes for a fun weapon
Ow... The spork hit my eye...
by Andro February 09, 2004
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