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(phrase) Sounds innocent enough, but say it with an Irish accent and people might think you've just said "where the fuck's that".
American wearing a fox hat: When I told the folks back home that I was coming to Auchtermuchty, they said, "Wear the fox hat!"
by EqualsPeach October 29, 2017
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(phrase) The phrase all Star Wars fans say to one another on Star Wars Day, May 4.
(on May 4)
Star Wars fan 1: "May the 4th be with you!"
Star Wars fan 2: "May the 4th be with you!"
by EqualsPeach May 4, 2016
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Charles Darwin: "A wild and unusually good variety of native plant might attract the attention of some wise old savage."
by EqualsPeach April 6, 2016
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(proper name) The general name for a user-created character in the 2017 video game Sonic Forces. As the latest entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, chances are the character will be a hedgehog. Often used by a Sonic hater.
What's your animal's name? OC the Hedgehog?! HA-HA!
by EqualsPeach May 19, 2017
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(phrase) Because wynaut.
Bob Saget: "Just for shiggles, before we find out the correct answer, let's find out how many people got this wrong..."
by EqualsPeach July 30, 2016
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(proper noun) Microsoft's flagship video editing program, completely free to download. It's super simple, but it'll get the job done. Just ask GradeAUnderA.
Why use After Effects when you can use Movie Maker?
by EqualsPeach June 24, 2016
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(proper name) The stage name used by some unknown jackal whose real name we've yet to figure out. Appears as the main villain in the 2017 video game Sonic Forces. Channels a stone fused onto his bust called the Phantom Ruby to create fake, virtual reality clones of your friends. Wears a mask to conceal his true identity, while simultaneously inadvertently revealing his hopeless insecurity from failing to defeat Shadow the Hedgehog once or twice. Thinks very highly of himself and looks down on literally everyone else. Doesn't have the courtesy to finish you off after maiming you once. May secretly be a huge fan of Linkin Park. May or may not have perished in the end of Sonic Forces.
You may call me Infinite in the brief moments that remain to you.
by EqualsPeach September 24, 2018
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