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Sales Theory - When sales volumes rapidly increase for a period of time and then splat down.
Jason was looking for a great way to sandbag his budget so he came up with the Boom-Splat sales theory.
by boom-splat rookie December 19, 2011
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Wet Splats usually occur after a long weekend of junk food indulgence with the majority of occurrences happening between 1:00- 2:00 am on a Monday morning.

People who experience Wet Splats will awake to sharp, intense stomach pain that will send them running to the bathroom grabbing and clenching their arse. Once your cheeks hit the cold toilet seat, you won’t need to push hard to feel the Wet Splats exit. All of the fatty food and spicy nachos you ate will come out in a brown watery form and splash all over the parts of the toilet that don’t have water. On the rarest of instances, you anus will burn for the rest of the morning from the rapid discharge caused by your Wet Splats.

Once you’re all cleaned up, you might need to scrub the insides of the toilet.
Wow, those Wet Splats were intense. I might not be able to fall asleep again after that.
by Father Jerry September 15, 2020
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The car game of masturbating in the back seat in the interest of finishing in the eyes of the driver, causing and accident is the primary goal
Just had a quality game of Tug Tug Splat with Grandma
by The Bows June 30, 2015
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the absolute WORST insult even god can think of. Worse than all the “ur” insults on urban dictionary combined. When u say it, a planet explodes along with the human race.
Man 1:lol ur mom gay
Man 2:no u
Man 1: ur sisters a mister
Man 2:well ur grandma a splat
by MEAGPERSON May 5, 2018
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What happens when you fart after anal sex
I bent over after my man was done pounding my ass and it came out in shit splat natty splat shits
by Cici butt lover September 25, 2015
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