The splash of water that hits your ass or nuts when you take a big shit and the water splashes back up
After that big poo the splasher made my whole ass wet
by Yourleftnut March 28, 2003
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(1) (n) -- The act of a male ejaculating with sufficient force and volume as to result in a splash of seminal fluid upon contact with a solid surface.

(2) The definition (1) where the receiving surface is the face of the male's sexual partner, which may be male or female. This is an extreme form of the common facial. It is particularly prominent among young, sexually inexperienced gay or bisexual males who suffer strong and often premature ejaculations and who find it humorous or pleasurable to direct their seminal fluid towards the cheeks or teeth of the other male partner. It can also be achieved by drinking prodigious amounts of water prior to sexual activity and frustrating the ejaculation several times prior to the actual release. Though often perceived as derogatory, particularly when the receiving partner is a female who is not a member of a sorority, the splasher is in fact complimentary due to the required intensity of the sexual release. It is often requested by the receiving partner, who if young and male is commonly a member of a fraternity, a jock, a boi or a twink, and if young and female is either unattractive and seeking acceptance and another sexual encounter at a later date, or is hot and adept at giving oral pleasure. Requesting a splasher, whether for one's own pleasure or for the pleasure of the male receiving the oral sex, does not imply sluttiness or promiscuity. Requesting multiple splashers from frat boys lined up in front of you, however, does.

Since it is complimentary in nature, the splasher should always be rewarded with continued post-ejaculatory oral sex and swallowing of any seminal fluid deposited in the mouth or near enough to the mouth to be collected by licking the lips and wiping the chin.
1) One time I saw this frat kid give a chick a splasher in front of like three of his bros. Dude I thought at least two of them were gonna try to lick it off for her!
2) Frat kid 1: "C'mon bro gimme that nut. I want that splasher again!"
Frat kid 2: "Yeah bro stroke that shit. Here it cums bro close your eyes this time!"
3) Girl: "The first time I sucked a guy off at a frat party he gave me a splasher and left cum all over my face. I thought I got it all off but when I got home I found some more on my cheek!"
by ucfryan May 10, 2006
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when a bad case of diarrhea hits the toilet stall
Christ, dude, who put the cuisinart splasher to the walls of this stall?!
by El Juan February 9, 2006
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(Mostly) a male that pees all over the toilet, due to the lack of aiming it into the toilet.
No example of the word splasher is available at this moment.
by JA9. December 22, 2008
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A name for a bodyboarder, used particularly when they get in the way of surfers, although not necessarily so.
"GTFO of my way, you splasher!

by Jim B. January 19, 2008
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blonde female who gets passed around like a spliff. likes boogie ass naggers
carly splasher
by bad mon July 11, 2015
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One who commits suicide by jumping off of a bridge
I sa another splasher jump of the Dames Point Bridge today.
by Captain Slappy July 11, 2008
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