Naggers.. reference to an episode of southpark where a wheel of fortune question was "People that annoy me" and the letters came up like: N_GGERS, and the contestant answered "Niggers", when it was actually NAGGERS.the contestant realises this and then says.. "Oh.. naggers.."
A blackman walks past you and your friends and one goes
"Oh.. Naggers!"
by Will Dunz May 08, 2007
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A nagger is someone who annoys you and does the act of nagging. In the show South Park there was a very controversial episode where Stan’s dad Randy Marsh is on wheel of fortune and has to solve the puzzle. "People who annoy you" (N*ggers). And Randy answers "niggers". But then realizes the answer was naggers.
"Clean your room! do the dishes, mow the lawn!," said Timmys mom. "no mom stop being such a nagger" said Timmy.
by Selbz December 08, 2007
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Woman who constantly:

* Scolds about everything/one
* Complains about everything/one
* Finds fault in everything/one

Pretty much everything she says and does is right, and the rest is crap, just like her attitude!
She's been telling everyone that her man dumped her because he's an asshole. But everyone knows he left cause she's a nagger.
by No_more July 11, 2009
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