Stray pubic hairs of impressive length escaping from the sides of an undergarment, e.g. swimsuit
see also beetle bonnet
by Captain Zap September 29, 2003
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The rare condition when a chick has 2-inch hairs growing off her nipple area.
Erin: "I don't want you to be alarmed, but I have these hairs growing off my tits."

Steve: "It's OK, let me take a look......Holy Christ!!! they look like SPIDER LEGS!"
by cberry February 25, 2014
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female pubic hair that is crawling out of a bikini
i was at the beach and saw this hippy chick with a bunch of spider legs crawling
by jeremy April 22, 2004
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The thick hairy bits that hang down out of hairy old men's nostrils.

Please send this definition to those in need. TRIM THEM, PLUCK THEM!!

(She chats with receptionist)

She: "oh my god that meeting was soooo hard I could not concentrate at all!!!"

Receptionist: "I made him a cup of coffee and was almost going to offer him a napkin to wipe up his spider legs with!!!"

She: "So gross, when he smiled his spider legs would like, splay out in a fan shape .... "

Both: "eeewwwwww"
by Jasminenz January 8, 2008
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a small cock,pp,penis,or dick.
Justin zuk has a spider leg
by justin zuk March 1, 2008
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The act of spasmaming your body and legs to a catchy beat in public. Usually recorded so multiple people can enjoy the playback and hilariouty. Common moves include the crotch grab, head stroke and leg stomp.
by November 7, 2010
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