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Someone who is uncomfortable naked, and thus always has some garment of clothing on, even while bathing.
Tobias from Arrested Development is a never nude.
by Mike Smith November 26, 2004

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A statement made when referring to something which is totally rad.
That switch cab five was gnar boots!
by Mike Smith May 22, 2004

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A euphemism for the male genetalia.
"His hoinger remained flaccid and unused due to the lack of attractive females"
by Mike Smith February 28, 2004

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Scientific meaning for rock in the shoot wich is a bastardiazation of sand in the vagina.
Mike is pisses off because he has sand in the vagina.
by Mike Smith October 02, 2004

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A spiderweb is when you are doin your chick and she saus stop before you blow it then you wait till she falls asleep and blow it in her hair
Im gonna give that bitch a spiderweb
by Mike Smith October 02, 2004

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A prime example of a man who is extremely unsure about his sexual preference and one who likes to "test the waters"
Elton John
by Mike Smith February 22, 2004

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To be superior to individuals / groups, to totally own, regarded in a high manner. Sweetness factor can be derived from mathematical equations.
1. Man, tony danza is fucking sweet.
2. Man, I (or We) are way sweeter than _____ insert random group.
3. Sweetness = (Weight*height)*(Sin(2X)) / ( of pushups you can do)
by Mike Smith March 10, 2004

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