An extremely funny theatre/musical performed by university students. Stories often relate to history and include jokes of other student organizations, celebrities, political figures etc. Frequently features crossdressing (due to lack of males/females contributing to the spex). The spex music is always provided by a live orchestra, all musicians are also students. The spex-tradition originates in Sweden, the first spex was performed in the year 1851 in Uppsala, Sweden. The oldest spex-tradition in Finland is carried out by Medicinarklubben Thorax (medical students at the university of Helsinki) who performed the first spex in 1952.
The thorax-spex was amazing yesterday!
by Robbi & Molly March 24, 2006
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another name for extremely rad glasses.
emo kids call their glasses spex more than anyone else.
by Hot Damn! May 29, 2005
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Their innocent spooning soon led to spex when Josh took off his pants.
by Amanda Green August 22, 2008
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Slang for sex with Reddit CEO u/spez
Hey are you having Spex tonight?
by garlic tahini sauce June 27, 2023
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Shortform of spectacles
I forgot my spex
by Vellore July 22, 2020
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You are spooning but with sex.
Sp from spoon, ex from sex.

A: i really wanna spoon with you.
B: and i really want to have sex...
A: so spex it is.
by Hoxxie November 12, 2020
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