Ie Cine speall speall corlectly.

I can spell spell corectl.
by Koji ( aka Lan ) December 7, 2005
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You can't spell?
He couldn't spell a single word.
by Someone else October 15, 2002
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The American bastardization of the word spelt.

past tense of spell
Yo Billy Bob Brooks you son of a sister, you seen my word book so I can check to see if I spelled my name right?
by Mitch the wise September 2, 2018
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A hick, inbred term used to describe a sudden spasm or seizure.
Me: Maw, Paw's done took a spell.
Maw: Better fetch the doc!
Paw (whilst drooling): Gaaaaahh!
by jsnas January 11, 2008
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