Ie Cine speall speall corlectly.

I can spell spell corectl.
by Koji ( aka Lan ) December 7, 2005
You can't spell?
He couldn't spell a single word.
by Someone else October 15, 2002
A retort to someone that has insulted you based on their intellect. Implying that the person is too stupid to spell the thing that they just said to you as an insult. (Not to be used with the Dyslexic).
Karen: you are a narcissistic bitch
Chantelle: spell it
Karen: N A R S A . . . whatever, you are.
by Lizard DC March 6, 2020
The American bastardization of the word spelt.

past tense of spell
Yo Billy Bob Brooks you son of a sister, you seen my word book so I can check to see if I spelled my name right?
by Mitch the wise September 2, 2018
A hick, inbred term used to describe a sudden spasm or seizure.
Me: Maw, Paw's done took a spell.
Maw: Better fetch the doc!
Paw (whilst drooling): Gaaaaahh!
by jsnas January 11, 2008