An poplar ancient science where one learned how to spell correctly. It was a very important part of human communication all the way up until the invention of Spell Check, after which nobody really cared.
Who cares about spelling? The computer is going to correct it anyway.
by Mankey444 July 20, 2011
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Spelling is a great subject! Some think it's terribly boring, unuseful and just plainly bad. But to most of those who are bound to be 'good' at it normally enjoy it. Spelling is just wonderful. Sitting down, doing activities, adding on your vocabulary. Ahh. But in highschool you obviously don't do that.. Which is a shame... Well life is hard. SPELLING RULES.
Person who is good at spelling and is in primary school: YES! Spelling after recess! Wicked!
Person who is not too good at spelling: Ahh dammmm. We have a useless time period of spelling.
by MrsGreenPattinsonSpelling Nerd September 26, 2012
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Noun: The acute feeling caused by observing a person's small but significant behavior that makes you feel so embarrassed you want to crawl out of your skin or sew your eyes shut. Typically, the cause of spell goes unacknowledged in the moment, by both the source of the spell, as well as the witnesses. Can leads to body chills, excessive cringing, and flashbacks to the particular moment of spell.
The guy I'm seeing earnestly played a cheesy song on his guitar without any irony - it gave me such spell.

An awkward missed high five or fist bump is ripe with spell.

This TV show, The Bachelor, is such a spell machine.
by BizzoBean May 28, 2015
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Something that a great many intelligent and creative people have problems with. The lack of this skill is a cause for alarm among the English majors. Mechanical memorisation that is beat into you in grade school that causes a life long dislike for the English language
If Spelling is the essence of great writing why don't we have a great proofreaders section at the library ?
by benthrer March 21, 2008
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The visual basis of language. When combined with grammar, a means to efficacious communication. To assert otherwise is to fundamentally denounce meaning entirely.
Your spelling is abyssmal. Stupid knob-chugging wanker. Please die.
by king_o_poo May 03, 2003
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The complete and utter lost cause of posting an entry to this site. I always try to appear compus-mentus when adding an entry. By the time it appeares here, I'm an illeriterate window-licker.
Uhhh, entry. Cannot enter entry correctly due to lack of education, qualifiactions, typing skills. Make contributor look like dick-splash, uhh!!! Cannot spell.
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
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Da scill dat menee uf u peepz on da webz lakk.

I had to dumb it down for you.

Spelling is the arrangement of letters in a particular order to form words.
Kaylee just won the regional spelling bee!


You lack a gargantuan amount of spelling and grammar skills, my dear friend.
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