A proper and very common swimming costume favoured by people young and old worldwide, except in the United States. The speedo-style suit is form-fitting, which allows for better control in the water, faster drying, and more comfort. Since Europeans, Asians and Brazillians don't obsess over penis size or automatically associate speedos with homosexuality the way Americans do, people of all shapes and sizes can wear them while swimming without ridicule.
I wanted to wear my speedo while in Texas, but I was afraid of being laughed at, beaten up and ostracized by the culturally bereft locals.
by Ashoka July 12, 2006
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A speedo is a style of swimwear for men and boys which is akin to briefs in terms of how it's shaped. It derives its name from the Speedo company, which first introduced that particular style of swimwear, although people generally refer to all brief-cut bathing suits as speedos, even if they aren't made by the Speedo brand. The fabric of speedos is comprised of lycra/spandex and nylon, making them quick-drying, smooth to touch, and form-fitting.

Speedos are quite a common swimwear choice for men and boys who live in Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia (especially Russia). Unfortunately, for some bizarre reason, speedos aren't well received in North America despite them being sexier in style than conventional swimming shorts.

Speedos have even managed to make their way into rules and laws of certain establishments and areas. There are many swimming pools in Europe (especially France), which require all males to wear speedos for sanitary purposes. The reason is because males may be in dirty areas outside the pool facility while wearing conventional swimming shorts and then track the filth into the pool; but it is assumed that with speedos, a pair of pants is worn over them until it's time for swimming, thus making speedos less exposed to the elements than regular shorts.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the town of Cape May New Jersey USA had banned men from wearing speedos in public. In the 1960's, the South Jersey beach town made a law stating that any male over 12 years of age could not wear swim briefs. This ban was passed mainly because of homophobic claims that speedos were essentially worn by gay men for no other reason but to advertise their 'goods' to each other. The ban was finally lifted in April 2005, more than three decades later.

To sum up, speedos are the sexiest swim attire for men and the world needs more of them.
"Damn, look at that hot boy in speedos over there. He knows he's looking fine."
by I_love_tobacco March 5, 2008
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A really tightass dude's bikini-like swim suit that alot of swimmer dudes wear.
That dude in swimfan wore a tightass speedo.
by Master B March 10, 2003
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very very tight swimwear that usually exposes the size of a guys penis. Usually good for sex and pleasure for girls.
Boy: I love my speedo
Girl: So do I! nice penis!
Boy: Thanks!
Girl: No problem want to have sex.
Boy: Hell ya!!!( gets on floor and takes off pants)
Girl: Yes!!!(takes off all clothes and lays on guy)
by lalalandgirl98 March 12, 2010
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A tiny little swimsuit that men wear. They looking fucking hot in them, great for kinky sex. They show it all off without actually showing it, you can immediately judge a guy's package which is fucking hot. When there is bulge it is incredibly hott.
"Look at that hottie in a speedo. Mmm I'd like to rub that bulge!"
by Arbadoro September 4, 2005
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Not actually what non-swimmers think of as a swimming suit male swimmers wear that is shaped like girls briefs but the world's most popular swimwear company. Speedo do not just make what people call 'speedos' but several products! The word usually causes great amusement to non-swimmers as that is what springs to mind when the word is mentioned.
Non swimmer: what is the most popular company in swimming, like nike or something?
Swimmer: speedo or TYR
Non swimmer: HAHAHA! you wear speedos?!
Swimmer: -_-
by iyaaaaa. August 25, 2010
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Speedo: Speedo means cool.
Nick : Eh man that was a speedo trick you just pulled off on your snowboard.

Tom: Thanks dude I've been working on that 720 for a while.
by ComebacKid January 3, 2012
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