brother, homie, friend etc..
My boet is gonna take me to the match!
by Gareth January 18, 2004
A word of Afrikaans origin directly translated as 'brother.' It can be used in a rather condescening manner, or in a friendly one, depending on context.
1) Hey boet, wanna catch a dop this eve after the rugby?
2) Ja, whatever boet.
by comawhite July 29, 2009
Meaning brother in some African language. Often used in context as "Brother from another mother"

Jack: What's happening boet?
John: Ah not much man
by Soljaah April 7, 2009
The most sexiest guy you ever meet even sexier than Finn. And all the girls are in love with him cause of his immune and large penis. Even larger and bigget than the one from Koen.
That Boet is sexy!!
by Boet in real lige November 3, 2020
Boet is a name that is not very popular but indeed is a very special name with a lot of meanings like: Boet is the sexiest guy in the whole universe, even sexier than Finn, this name also is a represenitive for someone with a immune large penis, who can absorb any types of women, this penis is even larger then that one of Koen. Because of this immune large penis, people with the name Boet get a lot questions about how they are the best boyfriend ever, that sometimes the mother-in-law of someone named Boet want to marry him. They get asked out a lot even more often then Jules. He also gets asked out a lot cause he cares about everything and everyone even more than Julian does, he does this because he has the goldest heart in the whole world. He also is very good at making people's days by doing lovely stuff to them. All these personality traits give him the perfect boyfriend material, even more perfect then Lars. People named Boet also have perfect boyfriend material because they are really good in using their tools. One of the other things that are so unique and special about someone named Boet is that they are almost everytime really tall and are honest to their GF's. Just to inform you so far this is not even the half. Because people named Boet are probably the best kissers you'll ever meet and have the nicest body you'll ever meet.
by Boet in real lige November 17, 2020
It is a high-school male student from Johannesburg. They usually wear a buttoned shirt, with a bucket hat and Air forces.
This weekend I partied with a Joburg boet
by JoburgBoet1 March 9, 2021
Used sarcastlically. When someone says sometheing they think is 'cool' or funny.

Jack: Dude, last night I had twelve shots of tequilla and didn't wake up with a hangover this morning.

John: Yaas you cool boet / Yaas you cool, boet-a-loet

boet boet-a-loet
by Soljaah April 7, 2009