A man who is nothing more than a play thing or toy...

Never capitalized unless it's the beginning of a sentence.

Spanky is not a person...he's an object of desire; a possession; a treat you eat without guilt but can throw away if you're full and don't want to eat it all...
It's been a while...think I may give spanky a call.

I've had a hard day, I need some spanky.

Damn, spanky!

...and any other example any woman needs for a spanky ; )
by Mamma Kat November 19, 2010
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Noun: A slap someone endures across the face with a thinly sliced piece of meat; usually done with lunch meat or a patty of a fast food burger.
"Since Mike wouldn't shut up at the McDonald's drive-thru, I opened up his greasy McDouble and gave him a spanky."
by Hansonpaulsey October 13, 2009
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Me and my monkey are feeling mighty spanky today.
by Harmony November 21, 2004
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(adjective) : A descriptive adjective that shows the noun in a positive fashion.
"Wow, Dad, those pants are spanky."—Edna-Jean, September 3, 2008
by Edna-Jean September 4, 2008
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A little whiny kid. He is a fan of his mom beating his meat! He can’t work for shit.
Mr bartlow “ Dalton we need you to help did a hole” Spank “ I hate this place. This is total bullshit. Fuck you bartlow”

Me “spanky your a god damn lib!” Spanky” your a pus” Everyone “shut up you fucking lib”
by Skankhunt42423 October 24, 2017
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(1)One of the coolest cruiserweights on WWE Smackdown. Also known as Brian Kendrick.

(2)Agnes Skinner's nickname for her son Seymour.
(1)Spanky's finishing maneuver is the sliced bread 2.

(2)"Spanky, I told you not to play in the neighbour's yard!"
by strong badian December 26, 2003
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A person, more commonly found in the Hampshire area, but sometimes escapes to London, who has a mental disorder that makes himself think and therefore act like a goat.
"Spanky, you're a goat"
"I'm not you baaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh bully!"
"Meats"(look that one up)"you're like spanky"
by Tom "Raymond" Flaherty December 7, 2004
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