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An often disputed strain of weed characterized by its fruity taste, cheap price, and dogshit appearance.
Oi have a toke of the spanish moss you druggo.
by Chrylix September 05, 2018
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Long pubic hair hanging down from the labia majora. Taken from the long wispy vegetation that hangs down from tree branches.
A common nude photo: a woman from behind, with hair falling down her slightly arched back, and spanish moss backlit through her slightly spread legs.

When the sun shined through her dress, it was obvious she wasn't wearing panties... I could see her spanish moss.
by iiams August 27, 2005
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The pubic hair of a woman (not necessarily, as others have said, indicative of age or ill repute).
Gordon Lightfoot has a song called Spanish Moss, in which he sings about a woman he once loved, and muses: "Spanish moss... wish you knew what I was saying."
by Lenny D. April 02, 2008
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The pubic hair of an elderly ho, which is often moldy, greenish in color, and infested with crabs, lice, brown recluse spiders, beetle larvae, maggots and other living and dead organisms. The aroma given off from Spanish moss is overwhelming and can sometimes be fatal.
Doctor: Nurse, come in here please! I can't place a catheter in this patient!

Nurse: Why not, Doctor? Is there too much Spanish moss around her twat or something?

Doctor: Maybe so. Would you give me a hand on this one??

Nurse: Sure, doctor. Let me put on some gloves and I'll see if I can make my way through that Spanish moss. Pee-ooo!


There was an old whore from the Azores,
Whose cunt was so covered with sores;
That the dogs in the street
Wouldn't eat the green meat,
That hung from festoons on her drawers.
by Rob Porter January 14, 2009
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