No Spacebar occurs when an individual is extremely intoxicated and begin to slur. Their slurring reaches the point that their words become as one. Is especially annoying with long winded people, not to mention dangerous.
Greg: YouknowmanIloveJesusandrhetoricbutwhatthehellyeahmorebeergetmetwo!

Laila: I think Greg is getting a little drunk.

Dave: Seriously, he has no spacebar!

Aina: zzzzzz
by beers4you March 8, 2010
Comma Spacebar is a mythical creature who is believed to dwell in northern Alabama. Sightings of Comma Spacebar have been rare, but most frequently take place in the northeastern corner of the state, with Fort Payne seeming to be the hotspot. This mythical creature is not entirely benevolent or malevolent as encounters have been pleasant for some and not so pleasant for others. No deaths have been attributed to comma spacebar. The creature is humanoid in form, slightly orange in tint, and has a deep interest in minute details involving human life. Comma Spacebar is very much a loner creature and will usually run when spotted. If provoked, he will stand his ground, but will usually not attack or cause injury. If a sighting occurs, it's best to make some noise and stand as still as possible.
Timothy: Dude! I went camping last night at Desoto State Park and I saw Comma Spacebar!
Daniel: Hahahaha, Comma Spacebar isn't even real. It's just a legend man. You probably saw a bear.
Timothy: I'm gonna punch you in the face Daniel, I know what I freaking saw!
by Racecar Man June 25, 2017
When lazy/stupid dumb-asses use space bars in an attempt to format text rather than trying to use the tab function properly in their program of choice.
Hey George, that file you sent me looks like someone was playing spacebar rodeo. Could you get them to fix their shit and send the file again?
by cheesebakesammy March 17, 2010
someone who doesnt use their spacebar, or if their spacebar is broken. and they talk with no spaces between their words.
Scenekid: likeomgi'msototallyraaad
Person 1: you use a spacebar?
Scenekid: likenoway!i'msoscenewhenitalklikethis!
Person 1: scenekid spacebar..¬_¬
by Dinosawr November 17, 2007
A dangerous virus first discovered by LE during a critical SEAL Audit, spreads as a symptom of pebkac and is known to cause confusion, declines in productivity, and destruction of Excel spreadsheets.
The June audit was thrown into chaos due to an outbreak of Spacebar Virus.
by Worker Bee July 8, 2004