n. A person who tends to space out often. He or she does not respond when directly spoken to. The space cadet is not necessarily a person of low intelligence or a heavy drug user, but rather one who is so easily lost in reverie that he or she loses all awareness of the surrounding physical world.
Don't bother trying to get her attention, she's being a space cadet.
by ginsoakedgirl July 23, 2004
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To be in space, totally out of any conversation.
My mom is a space cadet, she never remembers anything i say. Even when i scream at her.
by augustine peterson horner February 3, 2008
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n. A person who leads people to believe they are from a different planet or dreaming of ancestry in other areas of the universe. The person does not respond when directly spoken to, performs odd food rituals and displays complete disregard for commonsense. A space cadet is not necessarily refering to a person of low intelligence or a heavy drug user, but rather a person who typically focuses on all aspects of life except the one currently at hand.

This is sometimes portrayed by testing the properties of wooden door hinges and the current coefficient of drag, by accelerating the door into the closed position at a high rate while leaving anyroom. This will often awaken, startle or confuse normal inhabitants of the planet earth, but will appear oblivious to the cadet. When ascending or descending a staircase, a spacecadet will tend to forget that the gravitational constant of earth differs from that of their home planet and will give the impression or a much larger moving mass. The area of the voice box "pharynx" also appears to differ from that of a normal specimen, causing words to be miss pronounced such as sold-her, instead solder.

The exact origins of a space cadet are unknown but rumor has it that their home planet was destroyed due to pollution caused by poor house keeping. Following this disaster they proceeded to disperse themselves throughout the universe and litter the gene pool. Space cadets are known for their poor skills in common sense areas such as coordination, food preparation, basic cleaning and processing simultaneous coherent thoughts. Examples of some of these thoughts include wanting the dress as another space cadet with a cancerous appendage attached to themselves or ignorant phrases such as "grow a p*nis".
"Why do you have to be such a space cadet"
"Those aren't 0Ohm resistors they are clearly capacitors you space cadet"
"Where's the vinegar?"/"Right in front of you space cadet"
"You guys know how to make tacos"
by AzNGuNSmokE November 4, 2005
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Someone who smokes so much dope they spend most of the time halfway to another planet.
Give us a go on that bong, Steve, you fucking space cadet.
by Pobbit September 29, 2008
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some one who acts like they are on another planet or plane of existence. either they are incrdibaly stupid or are on drugs or most likely a combination
look at that fuckin space cadet

stop acting like a space cadet
by Anonymous May 1, 2003
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Someone who acts unreservedly enthusiastic and overeager, to the point of stupidity.
Stop being a space cadet.
by Jephos July 10, 2004
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During sex, when the male sticks his head (on top of the body) so far in females ass that it looks like a space cadet helmet. Verb/ Noun
Damn bro, that girl was so fine i gave her a space cadet.
by Scottccc August 31, 2009
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