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(v.) When one performs an epic series of movements to complete a mundane task.
Guy 1 performs a spinning jump to reach something off a high shelf.
Guy 2: "Oh man! He just space jammed!
by cooperdotmov December 08, 2010
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When you haven't done sport for an extended period of time, and cannot perform like you previously could. Similar to how all the pro basketball players lost their powers in the movie Space Jam.
Swimmer 1: I've been out for a month, it feels like I'm swimming through custard.

Swimmer 2: Shit dude, you're space jammed!
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by frobrowilldo July 12, 2017
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When your bitch ass friend steals your skill in order to win a bet or competition of any sort
Well i bet i could shoot three free throws but James Space Jammed me and shot them all blind folded.
by Girdlemaster June 09, 2017
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1. verb. Generally used to describe the certain kicking of butt. Essentially, it means you took a severe wallopping.
1. Watch your back, shoe thief, 'cause I'm gonna space-jam your ass!
2. Oo nasty bruise, shoe thief, you got space-jammed.
by lizzip April 20, 2005
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