When two men touch their penises together tip to tip and one man rolls the foreskin of his penis over the penis of the other man. It is necessary that one man is uncircumcised.
Sarah just caught Brian and Jarryd space docking in the closet.
by jizzle mc jizzle September 07, 2010
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When two men who aren't circumcised stand facing one another and the left guy peels back his own foreskin. The right man makes head-to-head contact with the left and wraps his foreskin around the left's penis. Then the left guy who peeled his own back puts his over the guys who is already covering his penis head, to form an airtight seal.
Two cosmonauts aboard the spacestation got ancy with their homosexual feelings, and decided to try spacedocking.
by Clomer September 23, 2008
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This goulish act involves two gay men, one being circumsized and one not. They place their penis's together and then the foreskin of the un-circumsized penis gets pulled over the circumsized one so it basically looks like one continuous penis in which you cant tell where one ends and the other begins.
Paz:Hey broseph did you experiance a space docking with your buddies at spacecamp when you were in highschool?
Hunt:You know it!!! That was my favorite part!!!
by Dave Paz November 15, 2007
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Is the sexual act of going butt hole to butt hole with someone and taking a shit while forcing it in to the other person

The object is to share the longest turd you can with out breaking
While I was space docking the girl friend she turned on so much we went right into the human centipede
via giphy
by In you deep March 01, 2017
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When a man inserts his "junk" into a woman's ass (junk), then exits and starts having missionary sex after the residue from inside the woman's butt (poop) is left on the man's penis.

"When a space ship enters a dock, or dock "2" (The Butt (Taking a #2 refers to taking a dump; hence "dock 2")), but then re-docks into sector 1 (The Vagina), in result, leaving her with a high risk of getting a kidney infection or any other related venereal disease."
Ex: "Space Docking"

Jim: Dude Sally was all over you last night. Where did you go?
Me: We went to pound town! She was wasted so I gave it to her from behind, then she turned over and I started f***in her p**sy.

Jim: You space docked her?
Me: I don't know, but she said she's been sick all day.
Jim: At least you're not obligated to hang out with her now.
Me: She's a homie-hopper, she had it coming.
by kushnpuss April 30, 2013
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This involves 2 people. One person takes a big long poop and wraps it in plastic wrap. Then you put it in the freezer. When frozen, take out and insert into the other's anus!
Eddie loves space docking with Mike
by King Flump April 10, 2003
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The act of being a Space Docker. To shit in a condom and place within a freezer. After freezing overnight insert the solified dump up your loved ones rusty bullet hole.

Predominatly space docking is a past-time of the gays in the south of England. Completely unheard of in the north where more hetrosexual activity is the norm.
'Dave are you sure it is normal to put frozen shit in a rubber johnny up my arse?'

'Yes Jim, it's called space docking. Now get here and prepare to be boarded'
by Dazza2003 August 08, 2006
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