Girl: Why didn't you call me? I was so distraught!
Boy: Sowy. I won't do that again. (He casts sad looks at her and tries to look cute. )
by SimonaOmina October 4, 2014
A slang word for the residents from the town southport

Its also a shortened slang of the word southport
Mostly used by younger people
Boy1: wa is g whats happnin

Boy2: shut it yer wool yer from sowie yer blert
by KyleWillbangyou August 14, 2019
another form of the word "sorry" to make it sound sweet and cute.. more appropriate in the cyber world more than the physical world.
Girl: Where were you last nite?
Boy: I was waiting for you, but I guess I fell asleep..sowie
Girl: O tht's ok.. you're still my baby
by spexator March 4, 2005
That one thot uses this to
A. Apologize to their crush or male history teacher
B.sounds cute
Also used by a person who uses uwu or owo
I’m sowy mr.madden im a baaad girl
by Arikah Rudd February 2, 2020
A brittish slang term used by the reidents of Southport in North-Western England. This is more commonly used by chavs and/or the younger generations.
Boy 1: Where are you from?
Boy 2: Im from Sowie Laa!
by incogneatoh August 6, 2010
Sowie means your sorry
I am sowie because I am sorry
by Lucas22 October 15, 2019
a combination/jumble of "so weird". Used tipically by 4 year old girls and people on extascy.
The way the teacher acted while teaching sex-ed was sowie
by blooper55 December 2, 2011