A Blake Southgate is an abundant female name in Papa New Guinea and Uganda. Once born they are sold off around the world as sex slaves. In continents, Asia and Oceania they will undergo a sex change operation due to popular demand in these parts. They are available for hire but you have to know someone in the business to get one.

Although most you will find have an education and therefore are only available on weekends and holidays. You can rarely buy one permanently but if you are a previous buyer you will be giving time and location for some secret auctions where you can buy them permanently. If you know a Blake Southgate and they disappear or are unavailable on weekends, you know what's happening. Their but holes are as busy as a test toilet at a plunger factory.
I once hired a ''Blake Southgate" he was very average, decent at best. But another time I travelled to Europe to see how good the girls were and she gave me a great rim job. I would recommend getting a girl but that's just my opinion.
by TheDirectDefiner666 September 08, 2016
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penalty missing twat.
stared in a pizza hut advert with chris waddle and stewart pearce
that twat southgate was the reason we didnt win euro 96
by mat townsend December 11, 2003
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Absolute twat that played saka in a penalty shootout
“Have you seen Gareth Southgate?”
“No he disappeared after the Euro finals
by JakeTheBeast6000 July 11, 2021
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The King, the legend that led the England Squad to the Semi-Finals of the Russia 2018 World Cup. Miricle King.
Gareth Southgate is the worlds best Manager. Fact.
by Southgate is a King July 19, 2018
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Cole is a kid that is somehow 14 and 4'9. He is really pissy sometimes and has never had a girlfriend. He has a mom named Kelly that is pretty Ummm different.
Cole Raymond Southgate is a short bitch.
by November 12, 2020
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I created STA Nudes on instagram for southgate girls!
I created “STA Nudes” on instagram for southgate girls!
by Deja Fobar February 16, 2019
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