A southern fairy is a term used by there counterparts, northern monkeys. The term originates from the inability of southern Englishmen being unable to consume amounts of alcohol over 2 units at any one period.

Other attributes have since been found in the behaviour of southern folk. Such as the inability to talk about their feelings with others and to make confrontation with people also polls also show that Southern fairies happen to be the rudest people living in the UK.
I'm sorry about my friend vomiting after two pints of lager, it's just because she is a southern fairy I'm afraid.
by Ronnie121 June 6, 2007
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Term of abuse for anyone who is from the south of england
i cant stand these blimin southern fairies

ay, i'd have to agree with yer on that one, i just 'ate these southern fairies
by Mozzie November 13, 2003
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1) wusses from down south
2) people who eat fried chicken
3) people who think northerners are nice (!)
4) upside down xmas decoration
that fookin' frank, he's such a fookin' southern fairy
by third place April 24, 2003
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A person who is of outstanding moral and social character!(a derogatory term used by northerners, which is totally untrue)
by Mark Harnett February 2, 2004
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derogatory term often used by dull witted northern monkeys to describe southerners who they claim are soft shandy drinkers who have "fancy" hairstyles and clothes when in actual fact southerners simply care about their appearance and can drink northerners to the floor
he can afford good clothes what a southern fairy
by josh14 August 25, 2006
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a term used by smelly northern monkeys to describe people from the south of england. the idea of northerners degrading southerners is void, as they all come down to london looking for jobs when they are sick of working "in t'mine f'pittance"
by killersdontdie December 19, 2008
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