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a surburbia with alot of trees, and a famous middle school that is ranked #1 in CA and #8 in the us. Also rivals to the city san marino.
there are soccer moms every where in south pasadena.
by justin yang December 16, 2004
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The Southern California city that pwns San Marino, La Canada, Alhambra, Glendale, and San Marino.
Cop: What the hell were you thinking doing donuts in the Rose Bowl Parking lot?!
Kids: Just trying to rep the nine-10-thirty, SIR!
Cop: Wtf?
Kids: South Pasadena, sheesh.
by sector9style March 17, 2005
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A very conservative place.
Very beautiful and peaceful in some parts and really ghetto and hiedous in others.
One thing for sure it has amazingly cute guys who are preppy.
Ghetto people are now starting to live there.
I consider the little town of South Pasadena as a "Un-Rich Beautiful Classic" perfect for taking walks, gossiping and flirting.
Not the best area in California but has a charm of it's own. Not really popular but seems really peaceful (in some parts). The teens from there are very unexpierenced even though they think they are "cool".
The economy is diverse. It's not rich, poor, or middle-class. You find a bit of everything here.
Also, home of the most beautiful guy who works at Vons. Monday-Friday at around 5;00. I think his name is Matthew, he has never been my cashier, lol
I really do like matthew... the one who works in South Pasadena.
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