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One of the richest suburbs in LA. Its ZIP code of 91011 ranks the city as the 113th most expensive city to live in the US, and one of the 100 highest-income places with a population of at least 10,000, La Canada currently ranks 38th. La Canada is the 18th most affluent city in the US, according to Forbes. Home to many celebrities past and present, including Miley Cyrus, Kevin Costner, Haley Joel Osment, Angela Bassett, Bill Plaschke, and Manny Ramirez of the LA Dodgers.
La Canada is the best city in So Cal
by lcf hottie February 22, 2010
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Also known as "The LC" and commonly referred to as "The Bubble." Where the kids are impossibly good-looking and it's not out of place for a girl to total a luxury car more than a couple times driving home drunk from a house party only to have it replaced by a newer, more expensive model. Everyone loads up on the APs and has a huge sense of entitlement when it comes to education and money. Boys go out of their way when asking girls to dances. Cheesy puns and flowers are a must ("Out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to Homecoming with me?). Many residents are third or fourth generation La Canada. Couture is abundant at La Canada High School - whatever is the latest or most expensive, expect it to be seen at LCHS. Every year there are several coined phrases that are all the rage. These colloquialisms make sense to only those from La Canada - it seriously is like a foreign language cooler than any those from outside will create. Real estate is insane as everyone wants to move here for the school district. Even the tiniest house will have a starting price of at least 2 million.
"La Canada was blacklisted from the Rose Court this year because too many LCers were super shitfaced at the Rose Ball. They couldn't even point out individual people - La Canada as a whole got wasted."
by lcgirlie October 17, 2007
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Well, what is there to say? There isn't anything to do, for one. Nobody between the ages of eighteen and fourty lives here. That's because the only reason that anybody would ever consider moving to La Canada is because the schools are second best in California behind San Marino. We would be first, but they are like 90 percent Asian.

The only good things in the city are Imports, Georgie's, Sport Chalet, and truly rediculous amounts of Smirnoff and weed (if you like that kind of thing). It's a really good thing that Pasadena isn't too far away.
I live in LA. Well, actually just outside of it in La Canada, but you've never heard of it. It sucks.
by B-reggin May 05, 2007
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Pronounced La CanYAda. Not La Canada.

Stupid town in the middle of Los Angeles. Everyone says they live in LA, even though they live in a suburb in LA County.

Everyone is too rich for their own good, and use that to help their stuck up manner. They get nice, fancy, brand new Mercedes' for their 16th birthday, but of course they don't even have their license.

Everyone's super smart, and community college is not an option.

The world lives on one street, and you're richness is based on what part of town you live in. You're judged by what you wear, how much money you have, what type of car you drive, how many parties a week you go to, and how mnay boyfriends/girlfriends you've had.

There's nothing to do besides get drunk, smoke, and have sex.

Home to many celebrities, though you hardly see them around town.

It's crap.
Never come here. You'll die of boredom.
You live in La Canada, is that in Canada?
by little miss sunshine<3 August 27, 2006
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A place in Los Angeles county where the people there are very wealthy and stuck up. The kids all wear designer clothes such as rock & republic, true religion, juicy couture, and betsey johnson. Often the houses are massive and even more expensive because it costs a fortune to live in La Canada because the school district is good. LCE (la canada elementary) is the second best elementary school in california, and LCHS (la canada high school) is the third best high school in california. The people there are very shallow, and lead very sheltered lives, and have no idea what the real world is like. Most la canada kids have no idea what they have and claim they are poor even though they are no where near it. People become bored so the moms have gossip circles where all they do is talk about kids and spread rumers and then the kids want to retaliate but don't know how so they gossip about the parents in their circles. Many familys are broken because the father often doesnt have time for the family because he is forced to work to support their huge family and wife who sits on her ass and gets her nails done and goes shopping all day. Children and teens there hate their lives because they are so boring so they find things to do, often smoke. There are lots of drugs in la canada and many kids get high when their lives arent going the way they want and la canada kids also have the money to buy the drugs weather they steel the mony from their parents or their parents give them the money. No one knows where la canada is so you have to tell people that its near pasadena, and no one understands how bad la candada is.
-I met these stuck up bitches at the mall, they were hot but mann they were vicious.
-I bet those bitches were from La canada Flintrage
by ya im from lc April 22, 2009
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Pronouced La CanYAda. Town in Los Angeles where everyone thinks, acts, and talks alike. The most boring town on the face of the planet. There's absolutely nothing to do, so all everyone does is have sex, get drunk, and smoke.

You're popularity is based on how much money your parents make, how big your house is, and how many people you have sex with.

Everyone's too rich to function.

You can tell how rich a person is by what part of town they live in.

Everyone's a freaking genius.

Technically, there is no movie theater.
No mall.
Nothing to do.
Everything is on one main street.

Everyone's skinny, beautiful, and blonde.

Everyone thinks they live in LA. Everyone's just as rich that they might as well. Many celebrities live/have lived here.

No one has ever heard of La Canada, but once you say, "Right next to Pasadena," everyone knows where it is.
Person 1: Where's La Canada? Is that in Canada?
LC Person: It's pronounced La Canyada. It's by Pasadena!
by omg_itsmeee July 03, 2006
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the n should have a tilde... la cuh-NYAH-duh.

the little suburb that could,
and would create homogenous people
who think, act and look alike...

squashing the bulk of real creativity...

predominantly white, but significant asian minority esp. korean and then chinese.

but at the same time a safe pleasantville

where memories are made in a bubble

we have a "good educational system"
La Canada? Where's that?
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