verb - To watch a series of episodes of a tv show in one sitting in sequence. Taken from the propensity of people doing this to 'catch up' on HBO's tv show, <i>The Sopranos</i>
When I get home, I'm gonna soprano the first four episodes of Battlestar Galactica!

We soprano'd 24 last night, it was awesome.
by Poo Bah January 17, 2006
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The highest womyn's singing voice, usually limited to wymyn and children.

Plays the heroine in opera and musicals...
Ranging from sweet, innocent ingenues to long-suffering, victimized womyn and a few villains or semi-villains.
Sopranos... from sassy but likeable soubrettes to high, fluteish, coloraturas to sweet, virginal lyric sopranos to strong, tragic spinto and dramatic sopranos... to steely, powerful, DRAMATIC Wagner roles.
by Lorelili July 30, 2005
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Knockoff restraunt located in Cherry Hill New Jersey owned by a guy named Franco who can't speak English. Walking into the restraunt bombards you with copyright infringement, as they don't even have permission to use the name "Tony Soprano" and the stench of unwashed floors and Fried Mexico.
"Soprano's never has any fresh popcorn chicken."

"Let's go to Soprano's and steal their drinks and Goodfellas poster."
by Chernorizets Hrabr August 15, 2003
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Some REAL thug niggas, not those wanna be dudes who carry guns they can't shoot.
Man, Rahiem and his boys be some sopranos on the don't fuck with them niggas. They only fight with their hands.
by Jizaay August 12, 2003
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A TV Show about the MAFIA...
"This has WAY to much nudity" Says Jeff
"Indeed" Aggres Bob
by Private November 07, 2003
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