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Is a ship from the South Korean Boy Band, BTS (Also known as Bangtan Boys) the ship includes Suga (Yoongi) and Jhope (Hoseok) being a very popular ship among army's across the globe. They tend to be around each other a lot and look jealous when the other is hanging out without them, they create live shows and once sang a duet, to the popular kpop song, I was able to eat well.
Other popular name is Yoonseok
army 1: I ship sope so much

army 2: I ship yonnseok tho

army 1: ....
by Phan_Lover June 26, 2017
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a ship that everyone been sleepin on this whole time. people should stop sleeping on these two gay twinks and start hyping these two crackheads. they boutta debut soon too
sope sinking oOF”
“bitch we puttin life vest”
by sopeslut July 15, 2018
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In Mexico, sope it´s a kind of gordita, a thick tortilla,
with beans, chicken or other meats, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and salsa on the top.
I´m really hungry, I´ll go to get three sopes.
by Salvador Ascencio July 16, 2006
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adj: both sick and dope; sometimes just so and dope.
A: That party last night was awesome!
B: Yeah! It was totally sope!
by Defiknight May 07, 2008
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Basically means that is really cool, good, dope, sick.
Schwillen - Man i listen to this new track i made.
Jrantz - SOPE, for real thats SOPE!
by OfficialJrantz April 20, 2012
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Alternative (and better) spelling of soap. See soap
Don't drop the sope!
by CelticWonder November 19, 2002
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