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In Mexico, sope it´s a kind of gordita, a thick tortilla,
with beans, chicken or other meats, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and salsa on the top.
I´m really hungry, I´ll go to get three sopes.
by Salvador Ascencio July 16, 2006
adj: both sick and dope; sometimes just so and dope.
A: That party last night was awesome!
B: Yeah! It was totally sope!
by Defiknight May 07, 2008

Basically means that is really cool, good, dope, sick.
Schwillen - Man i listen to this new track i made.
Jrantz - SOPE, for real thats SOPE!
by OfficialJrantz April 20, 2012
Its like saying nope for no only, you say sope for so.
by HomieGSlice January 09, 2011
The little tingly, shivering feeling you get after done urinating.
I just had the most intense sopé just now. I really had to piss!
by Stomppad12 January 29, 2009
Smooth Originating Producer Extraordinare - Videographer and Video Editor in Atlanta Georgia
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by The original Sope July 18, 2010
Alternative (and better) spelling of soap. See soap
Don't drop the sope!
by CelticWonder November 19, 2002
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