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Is a ship from the South Korean Boy Band, BTS (Also known as Bangtan Boys) the ship includes Suga (Yoongi) and Jhope (Hoseok) being a very popular ship among army's across the globe. They tend to be around each other a lot and look jealous when the other is hanging out without them, they create live shows and once sang a duet, to the popular kpop song, I was able to eat well.
Other popular name is Yoonseok
army 1: I ship sope so much

army 2: I ship yonnseok tho

army 1: ....
by Tomato_Cultivator June 25, 2017
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Where schoolchildren (typically grades 6-9) wet a paper towel, and make a pocket with soap using the towel, they then have competitions for how high it can be thrown, and how long it can stick to the wall or ceiling.
person 1:
let’s go skadoodle during break
person 2: last time we went skadoodling i got it on the ceiling last time let’s see you try to beat that
by Tomato_Cultivator April 04, 2020
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That someone is so cute they are a bean
Typically used in fandoms
Phil is such a Smol Bean
I agree! He is adorable
by Tomato_Cultivator January 10, 2016
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