Sonny Moore is the lead singer of "From First To Last".(an awsome band)
He has an amazing voice for an 18 year old.He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FREAKIN' HOT!! (p.s. hotter than anyone will ever be so just face it!!^_^!)
Sonny Moore is the lead singer of From First to Last, and he is sooo hott!
by Araceli March 5, 2006
if there realy is a second comming of christ its sonny moore
by jeph b May 10, 2006
Sonny Moore is the lead vocals of the screamo band "From First To Last." His birthday is January 1, 1988. He is legal now, age 18!! Before he played in the band "From First To Last" he played in a band called "The Risk" which he formed at age 12. When sonny moore was 15 he started singing in FFTL. He found out that he was adopted and suffered a eating-disorder called Bulimia. He is very talented and has a good set of lungs. He has snakebites on his bottom lip. He is very Sexy!!!
Is sonny moore single or not??? I want to know... I'm curious!!!
by EmoGurl June 6, 2006
Sonny Moore is the lead vocalist for the band From First To Last. He has an extremely large nose and wears a shit load of make up, but is encredibly talented. A lot of girls are extremely attracted to him.
by WeezerFan August 11, 2005
The lead singer of the band From First to Last, also known as FFTL. He has a large set of lungs on him for being 17, and also being a midget. If I didn't know who he was, I would've thought he was a cookie elf. Yes, he is that short. He's also known for wearing chick pants and massive amounts of eyeliner. All in all, it seems to pay off since almost every teenage girl is swooning over him since he's not legal yet and they can bang him without it looking like another Jilary scandal.
Sonny Moore dresses like a chick, but a hot one nonetheless.
by Staci March 11, 2005
lead singer of band : from first to last.
the hottest guy alive.
sometimes with pink hair, sometimes with black.
wears eyeliner & dark clothing.
sonny moore, derek bloom, travis richter and matt good are all in the band from first to last.
by jocerr May 26, 2006