FFTL is a screamo band from Gainsville, Florida (except Sonny's from California, Derek is from there too, but moved to Florida to go to school. Travis is from Georgia. Matt's from Florida. Not sure where Jon is from). Matt is on guitar and does back up vocals, Sonny is on lead vocals and guitar for Kiss me I'm Contagious. Travis screams and does lead vocals on Kiss me I'm contagious and plays guitar. Jon screams or does "throat" and plays bass. Derek plays drums. Their debut EP was Asthetic with their original singer Phil and their debut albumn on Epitaph was Dear Diary My Teen Angst has a Bodycount with Sonny as their new singer, when Phil left before recording any vocals on Dear Diary.
by Katie March 17, 2005
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from first to last is an awesome post hardcore band. that genre would best describe them. they go past all music ever created. they are simply one of the best. their new album, "heroine", certainly proves that. There previous album, "dear diary, my teenage angst has a bodycount," is no slouch either. The aesthetic EP was some of their beginner stuff. they were specific with the emo ex-girlfriend style. they have progressed in their music amazingly. sonny moore, derek bloom, matt good, and travis richter are the members. wes borland plays bass for them on tour and on the new album. john weisberg, the previous bassist, was kicked out in '05. from first to last is deffinitely a deadly competition to any band on the music scene.
world war me: i'm a one life, hopeless, dirty, animal baby and i bow down to my feeble brain. abberated, primitive; stay with me, stay with me. no food for weeks, i've never felt better; we look better famished girl. hightail to the lush escape, and leave our filty world away.

i love from first to last.
by svennie April 5, 2006
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a amazing band in the post-hardcore genre

members include:

sonny moore - vocals
matt good - guitar/vocals
travis richter - guitar/screams
derek bloom- drummer
and as of mid 2006 wes borlin - studio and touring bass

have two full length albums:
dear diary my teen angst has a bodycount

one EP:

although labeled off as a joke by elitists with their first album, their second, has gained respect by many and has proven from first to last to be a talented and serious band.

as of early 2006 sonny moore is officialy legal.

amazing live.
heroine > dear diary...

go buy it.
person 1: hey d00d, did you catch from first to last before the dropped out of the warped tour.

person 2: yah, it was fanfuckingtastic, I got to run my hand under sonny moore's shirt, and told derek bloom that I loved him, wes borlin and travis richter spit on me and I was 1 inch away from matt good.

person 1: sounds like a sweet ass time.

person 2: it was.
by sonny moore's sexy ass body August 8, 2006
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From First to Last is a post-hardcore band. The current lineup is Sonny Moore (Vocals/ Some Guitar), Matt Good (Guitar/Vocals), Travis Richter (Guitar/Vocals), and Derek Bloom (Drums). Their credits include their first full-length: "Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount," which is a satire exaggerating the popular emo-heartbreak trend. Their second full-length released in March 2006 was aptly titled "Heroine," referring to Sonny's thoughts and feelings whilst recently learning that he was adopted. "Heroine" is heavier and more serious than "Dear Diary..," but their growth factor is very evident. Sonny has not always been the lead vocalist; he joined the band after the music for "Dear Diary..." was recorded. For those that care, he has been legal now for four months (since January).
Take it from someone who has seen From First to Last live, they are amazing and very intense!
by Shellie1985 May 20, 2006
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from first to last started in 2002 and went through many line up changes. now it is matt (lalalaa/chugawug), travis (rararawr/chugawug) matt m.(laaalala/thumbthump), derek (bangbang). they have just released their self-entitled album anddd its not there best but its good.

esasthiesaetic - 7.8 outa 10
dear diary - 9.4 outa 10
heroine - 8.5 outa 10
thenew one - 6.2 outa 10

from first to last is sweet as shit.
by coreyx3 June 14, 2008
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a group of quite talented lyricists and musicians.
also, WHO THE FUCK CARES WHO THE SINGER IS or what they look like, if they use eyeliner, what they wear - fuck that. seriously, if you're judging a band based on their looks or lack thereof, you are a hardcore idiot twat and no one will take you seriously.

anyone who says this band sucks just because they've heard of them from shitty people deserves to be beaten with an aluminum baseball bat. just put image aside for a minute, forget who likes them and who doesn't, forget everything you've heard, and listen to the music for what it is.

wait for a time when you're feeling really really fucking low and sad, then listen to their song 'heroine', and i dare you to say that they're bad.

you really won't be able to.
all their tracks are solid but give that song a listen next time you're breaking down.
it may just save something in you.
from first to last makes me happy.
by mina loves you <3 June 14, 2007
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A awesome screamo band like Kerl said but they dont have 2 singers only one. And he is only 15 years old and he is from California, the rest of the band is from Florida. And they only have 2 screamers Sonny(lead vocals) and the guitarest. And there debut album was Aesthetic not dear diary.
Kerl is not smart and doesnt know shit about FFTL. So he should shut the fuck up. Thats what i would do if i didnt know what i was talkin about i would shut the fuck up.
by Me November 25, 2004
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