Matt Good is 1 of the 2 guitarists currently in the band From First to Last (FFTL). When performing, Matt uses Gibson brand guitars, and is very energetic and friendly with the fans. Matt has a T-Mobile Sidekick and a tattoo of No-Face from the Miyazaki film "Spirited Away" on his left arm. He has black hair and blue eyes. He is 6'2". While not on the road with the band, Matt Good is technically homeless, because he has no actual home.
"Matt Good totally shredded like mad crazy on his Gibson last night."

"I know, he is so sexy."
by Chrissytinae! May 11, 2006
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the damn sexy guitarest of From First To Last.He has his lip pierced, stretched ears and the way he does his make up is just amazing.Matt is a freaking awesome guitarest and deserves alot of credit.
Matt good is hella sexy and hella talented
by what-the-fuck-ever March 29, 2006
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The guitarist and back up vocals for the band From First To Last. He's 6'2", has black hair and blue eyes. Born in New Hamsphire, but currently living in Vancouver, Canada.
Did you see how awesome Matt Good played the solo in 'Secrets don't make friends?!"
by Captain Sadie March 22, 2006
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The guitarist of the band From Forst To Last. FFTL consists of band members: Phil Reardon Vocals, Matt Good Vocals/Guitar, Travis Richter Guitar/BG Vocals, Joey from Brandon Bass and Derek Bloom Drums. The live show is a little more than extreme. Having a thick background in the FL hardcore scene, FFTL's stage presence stands alone in their genre.
Matt Good is The Most Cutest Guitarist on Earth.
by angie_is_heartless603 September 18, 2005
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Matt Good is kinda a celebrity reject. Once famous for bands D.R.U.G.S. and From First to Last(with lead vocalist later celebrity Skrillex), the ex-guitarist/vocalist spends his time making dubstep remixes of songs. He is the self-proclaimed "Father of Felines" and loves Star Wars.
He, along with Andy Biersack, made a short internet sensation out of "railing", which started in Seattle, WA.
Might be best known for his white Batman costume.
He resides in Los Angeles.
Example 1:
Jake: dude I heard Matt Good is gonna come on tour again with BVB
Mike: I sure hope so I mean just think of all the funny picture's we'll get of him and Vikki
Jake: I wish FFTL would get back together. They were kick-ass.
Mike: me too, brutha, me too..

Example 2:
Tina: haha have you seen the picture of Matt Good dressed as batman?!
Mike: yeah everyone teases him about it and calls him the Grand Wizard of the KKK
by laurenliveslife October 5, 2013
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