A form of classical music in four movements for one or two instruments. The movements are different yet related.
"Have you heard Bach's Violin Sonatas"?
by carpo August 23, 2004
noun, countable
a series of loud sounds from Hyundai car owners expressing a strong emotion such as pain, fear, or displeasure
Hyundai will recall 36,000 Sonata cars
We'll hear real sonatas.
Aigo, aigo, aigo!
by Abajian August 31, 2005
Saturday Sonata is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and moving to Los Angeles at only 17, Saturday takes inspiration from the likes of Post Malone, Juice WRLD and Saint JHN to name a few. His ability to create intricate patterns and tones in his Emo Trap/R&B slow type songs with a mix of country he grew up with is profound. His music discusses issues of alcoholism, heartbreak and growing up mostly on his own.
How tall is Saturday Sonata?
by Sabir Mahida August 11, 2020
possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever performed by anyone ever. Written by Ludwig Van Beethoven.
by ThroatSlit July 30, 2006
great band, with very great songs, and the greatest metal ballads I've ever heard, one of the best bands I've ever heard
The Dream Is Alive, I can run up To The Hills Every night, Go Around and See Another Side of The Tree, Freedom has a Meaning to Me...

The Cage
by Kazuzu February 24, 2005
further great songs include 'last drop falls', 'misplaced', 'the cage', 'the misery', 'victorias secret', 'mary-lou (but only the acoustic version), 'land of the free', 'kingdom for a heart'. and so on.
(mike) hey dude, i just got back from finland where i was seeing sonata arctica
(ralph) woah man im gay i love blink

lolo only joshin man :P
by scrotum head faithful January 7, 2005
Used to describe a particularly vile and unpleasant serial set of farts, generally of different sounds and tones.
God dammit - what the fuck did you eat for dinner? If I hear another anal sonata out of your ass, I'm going to push you in front of a bus.
by Plautus August 15, 2010