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A Korean Expression. Used to describe frustration, annoyances, tiredness..etc. Comparable to "oh my" of english. It is a slang but not a bad word. Can be heard from all ages but generally associated with old age.
aigo, the day is finally over.
aigo, I have a headache.
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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pronunciation: "i.e. go"
used when someone of Korea descent begs for help, forgiveness, mercy, etc
"Aigo!, Soviet's invading Korea."
"Aigo!, will Japan defend Korea?"
Hence, Korea was annexed to Japan in 1905. Aigo!
by Adamo-chan September 11, 2005
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A Korean term used to express frustration, especially towards dumb fucks like adamo-chan whose stupidity knows no bounds.
Aigo, dumbasses like Adamo-Chan really annoy me.
by rko25655 November 13, 2011
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1. as in mp3 player brand. In Chinese it means "I love my country" but in reality, it is a cheap mp3 player
"My Aigo MP3 player doesn't work anymore, what a POS"
by Tom & Jerryaaaa June 10, 2005
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Am i gay or sumthin?
Yo fido, im listening to richard marx - right here waiting for you, wtf. Aigos?

Fido: Yh youre totally gay, lets fk in teh azz
by hudaman February 20, 2009
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