A phrase used when you're a loli vampire mistress who wants to have a sex with a Japanese mister
hey mister, do you want to have sex?
by deb00 November 21, 2018
Verb. Used when a person asks a stranger for something they cannot easily acquire, usually alcohol or cigarettes.
I'm so desparate for alcohol I'm about ready to hey mister a bum.

Remember when we had to hey mister 20 people before we got a cigarette?
by **R** November 7, 2005
what a minor does when her or she wants alcohol - approaches people entering the liquor store and asks to pay them to buy some alkie.
We went to Hey Mister at the Campus Liquor
by ***w*** January 14, 2002
A way for someone, usually a minor (works best with girls) to aquire something that they need.

Such as; alcohol, ciggarettes, etc...
1. My friends usually call me to pull a Hey Mister because I have nice cleavage.

2. We had to totally pull like 5 Hey Misters before I could get some vodka.

3. I'm so desperate for some 40's that I'd totally Hey Mister that nasty Hesian.
by <333333333333 August 19, 2007
The game played by minors in an attempt to find a twenty-one year old to buy them booze. Rarely successful, however most juvenile delinquents do it at least once in their lifetimes.
Teenager 1: "My older sister said she'd be willing to buy for us."

Teenager 2: "I hope she doesn't flake, otherwise we'll have to play the Hey Mister Game."
by icameasarat September 16, 2009