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1. The son of a prostitute.
2. The son of an unmarried mother, a bastard
3. Somebody objectionable.
"You son of a whore, how could you go behind my back?! How could you betray me like that?!"

Usually used as an alternate for "son of a bitch", although "son of a whore" would be the literal translation of many foreign equivalents:

Spanish: hijo de puta
French: fils de pute
Italian: figlio di puttana
Portuguese: filho da puta
Irish: mac striapaí
Scottish Gaelic: mac strìopaich, mac na galla
Breton: mab c'hast
German: Hurensohn, Dirnensohn
Polish: sukinsyn
Hungarian: kurvafi
Persian: matar jendeh
by Lorelili July 02, 2009
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This is a brach off the russian word sonofawhore

Usually if ur a shit faced cock master or a donkey raping shit eater you are also a son of a whore.. o and plus i would know ur the son of a whore... :)
i fucked ur mom so hard there for you are the son of a whore
by Basketcaserb November 15, 2004
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it's sonofawhore,not son of a whore,ya dumb sonofawhore
Now I am using "dumb sonofawhore" in a sentence you dumb "sonofawhore".
by your moms a whore September 01, 2005
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