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1) A girls name meaning Cheerful, Full Of Spirit.

2) A name which invokes imagery of a beautiful, fresh-faced, athletic and creative girl who loves adventures, art, festivals and movies. People with the name Tatum tend to like the colour purple and have hazel-green eyes. She also has big boobs, small waist and one fine ass.

Antonym of Tatum: Kristen Stewart
Synonym of Tatum: Jennifer Lawrence

3) A beautiful girl that is really easy to talk to, hilarious and can make you laugh even if you don't want to. The best use for a Tatum is when you are bored out of your mind and you want to have some fun - she'll take you on an adventure and always keep you smiling.

4) The best asset of a female. Other related words would be: tits, breasts, titties, knockers, fun bags. The coolest word for boobs without being blate.
1) "The best thing about a girl named Tatum is she's unlike most people... and I fucking love her for it."

2) "Man, that girl is a Tatum!"

3) "I was bored as fuck the other day, so I called up a Tatum and we had the BEST DAY EVER!"

4) "Did you see the Tatum's on that chick?"
by BlurredLines May 19, 2014

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Someone who cannot live without Wikipedia.
"I use Wikipedia for everything."

"Dude, you're so wikipendent!"
by BlurredLines May 19, 2014

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Used when 'son-of-a-bitch' is just not insulting enough.
"goddamn, you son-of-a-cock-loving-whore!"
by BlurredLines May 19, 2014

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